Search for debtors’ foreign assets
In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and other European countries

RLP Lawyers AG provides services of searching and identifying of debtors’ and unreliable business partners’ assets
in Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and other European countries.

Search for assets implies identification, tracing, freezing and return of tangible and intangible assets.

Request examples

The examples of requests and situations 
 we deal with:

for the debtor’s asset search
and recovery abroad.

A preliminary check of the reliability of the counterparty as well as the verification 
 of the asset that is supposed to be used for ensuring the fulfillment of obligations under 
 the transactions carried out.

A review of legal validity
of the management 
 of property supposed to be used 
in the transactions.

The experience

We have successfully conducted about 250 cases 
of search for beneficiaries and identifying of their foreign assets.
We cooperate with European partners, we have access to all relevant data bases and know legal nuances
of many European jurisdictions.

As a part of the Russian Federation bankruptcy procedures our steps include:

1. A review of search jurisdictions and identifying of property composition as a search object;

2. A review of the enforceability of the Russian state and judicial authorities assignments 
upon a certain jurisdiction within an international treaty or on the basis of reciprocity;

3. A review of foreign competent authorities empowered to consider requests;

4. A review of open data bases of real estate, registers of airplanes and sea vessels, 
registers of credit agencies and fiscal authorities;

5. A review of open data bases and registers of foreign companies founders, beneficiaries and directors;

6. Identifying of foreign mail addresses and phone numbers of debtors and\or their family members;

7. Search for the information about foreign nationality, residence permit, tax residence;

8. Assistance in obtaining evidence in a foreign state within the 1970 Hague Convention;

9. The proper documentation of foreign evidence for the Russian judicial and state authorities to submit requests;

10. Competent legal translation of the official Russian requests to the relevant foreign authorities;

11. Facilitating the accelerated and effective processing of international letters rogatory or other official 
 Russian requests by the foreign judicial or other state authorities;

12. Facilitating the inclusion of debtor’s foreign assets in the bankruptcy estate in the Russian Federation 
 by acknowledging the Russian judicial acts in a foreign jurisdiction.

Our Expert

specialise in national and international tax law with a focus
on Germany, Liechtenstein, the U.S., Russia and CIS countries

Alexander Yudovich
Head of Russian & CIS Desk, Lawyer and Certified Tax Advisor, Russia

• Over 17 years of experience as Partner, Counsel and Head of Tax Practice in international law firms.

• Over 7 years of experience in advising banks, asset managers, family offices and trust services providers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in regard to Russian & CIS clients.

• Over 100 publications and presentations.

• Speaker at events for financial services providers: Hansafincon, Intax Group, CIS Wealth Group, etc.

• Over 100 projects with budgets up to 10 billion Euro.

• Languages: Russian, English, German

• LinkedIn Profile


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